Adhitprofits Review

Adhitprofits Review- What You Need to Know!


AdHitProfits Review

This is my adhitprofits review for this advertising service.

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Simply put, adhitprofits offers very affordable advertising solutions for income opportunities, home based business opportunities, and money making opportunities of all kinds, then “the icing on the cake” is, adhitprofits splits the revenues from all sales with those who have purchased a directory listings or text ads to give you a share in the profit.

Adhitprofits-What is it?

Adhitprofits is a advertising service that pays people like us in the income opportunities, home based business and money making opportunities to get relief from the 3 BIGGEST frustrations building a online business.

If you’re feeling frustrated thinking?

I can’t get enough targeted traffic quickly to my websites
I can’t get get high quality leads flowing into my business
I can’t get enough cash for my businesses or living expenses

Carry on reading this could be for you…

The advertising service places your banner and text ads in front of a huge amount of organic, highly targeted traffic already searching in your market for your business. This means you can get quality leads fast, make more profit and scale up your business. ranking shows global ranking is 894 and has over 200,000 unique visitors each day (10/10/2013)


adhitprofits traffic

So just imagine placing your own banner right in front of the eyes of this amount of traffic each day searching for you.

Watch this video showing the real Value in Adhitprofits- with Admin Charles Scoville

Adhitprofits-What I like?

Adhitprofitsis a legal and compliant business registered in Utah in the USA.



After doing thorough due diligence it’s clear this is no scam.

That gives you peace of mind, which is a refreshing change from the hyips, ponzis and scams all over the internet!

Isn’t it sickening to join a home based business opportunity only to find out it’s a ponzi that steals your hard earned cash and disappears overnight?

This business is run by a very transparent admin called Charles Scoville and he’s a very successful internet marketer that’s been online running businesses for years.

Charles Scoville holds weekly webinars and can be seen openly answering members’ questions and is available in the Skype and Facebook groups.

It’s key to believe in a business and seeing the company is legal and compliant with a active admin makes you feel confident that success is around the corner and will last long term.

You can quickly build a highly targeted email list or downline of proven buyers from the quality leads flowing into the platform helping to make you more sales or commissions.

As the saying goes, “the money is in the list”, and going one step further it’s really the relationship with your list that’s critical. If you haven’t already got a list of highly targeted responsive prospects then it will be a big struggle to make money online. This is a big plus for me the share from the revenue is a bonus.

Adhitprofits also give you a share in it’s profits from ALL sales it makes, so when you purchase a directory listing adpack for $45 or featured text ad pack at $10 you will get 25% return on your purchase.

That’s right, you get 25% profit for advertising your own business.
How fast this profit is paid depends on the real sales in the business. There’s no fixed percentage per day, or amount of days and this indicates that it’s a genuine business dependent on sales to generate real profits.

For $45 directory listing you will get 1,000 clicks to your website and $56.25 (125%) return from the profits.
For $10 featured text ad pack you will get 200,000 views to your ad and $12.50 (125%) return from the profits.
Re-Purchases (Or Additional Share Purchases From Your Funds) BUMP Your Listing to the Top of the Directory For Top Viewing.

You can buy as many ad packs as you like.

What is PPC Banner advertising?

With this you’re not charged when your ad is displayed, but only when someone clicks on your ad to go to your website. In other words, you only pay when your advertising works.

Can you withdraw money?

There are instant withdrawals where payments are made daily. If you have been in other business opportunities feeling frustrated, as you had money stuck in the business, this is different.

The money is already in the payment processor waiting to be paid out to you. It came from sales revenue from the sources listed below.

Where does the Profit come from?

Revenues and profit come for from:
– Directory Listings & Website Traffic (Included in your $45 Purchase)
– Featured Text Ad Pack Mini (Sold Separately)
– PPC Banner Ads (Sold Separately)
– Traffic Exchange Credits (Sold Separately)
– Forum Advertising (Sold Separately)
– Guaranteed Traffic Packages (Sold Separately)
– Vacation Mode (Sold Separately)
– Share Auto-Repurchase (Sold Separately)
– Solo Ad (email) Marketing Service (Sold Separately)
– 728×90 LeaderBoard Ads (Sold Separately)
– 125×125 Banner Ads (Sold Separately)
– Ezybonds Shared Transaction Fee (Sold Separately)

Can I earn Commission?

Yes-Commissions for referrals are 10% on ALL purchases, so if you enjoy referring people you will love the commissions.

Do I have to sponsor?

No-If you feel uncomfortable sponsoring then this is for YOU.

There’s no requirement to sponsor to earn a profit.

Free URL Shortening  Service For All Members! –

Click Statistics each day, showing you the number of clicks your link received
– Country Statistics, showing you the number of clicks from each country
– Referring URL Statistics, showing you which websites the clicks came from
– Share Links On Facebook, Twitter, Email, and MORE !
– Get More Referral Commissions

Free URL Rotator Fo All Members !

– Get more referrals to AdHitProfits
– Get YOUR website seen by more people
– Drive more targeted traffic to your many sites all at once
– Display your websites in emails “cloaked” keeping your page hidden
– Send website visitors to many websites using a single web link

The onsite forum and support staff add value to help solve any issues.

What Payment Processors Are Accepted?

Accept payment processors are Solid Trust Pay (STP), Payza or Ezybonds.

Adhitprofits-What I didn’t like?

You’re required to click on 25 ads to qualify for revenue shares each day and it takes about 5-10 minutes depending upon the internet connection.

But there’s a “Vacation Mode” Service You can purchase for a week if you don’t like clicking each day or if you are going on vacation!

Adhitprofits-Overall thoughts about?

Adhitprofits provides a huge amount of organic traffic that is highly targeted for the income opportunities, home based business opportunities and money making opportunities niche where you can place your banner or text ads in front of their eyes. This enables people like us whether just starting or looking to build a list of high quality prospects of proven buyers to make more sales, grow a downline and scale a profitable business online.

The icing on the cake is you get paid to advertise by sharing in the profits on ALL sales.

Click below to GET STARTED.

Got Traffic? Got Leads? Got Cash?=>> Get them on AdHitProfits

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